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Hot Spring Cover Lifters

In our lineup of over 2700 genuine Hot Spring spa parts are all five designs of the Hot Spring brand of cover lifters. Some of these cover lifters or Retractable Cover Systems (RCS) are designed to attach to the spa and also to the Hot Spring cover. In 1996, all Hot Spring spa covers (Watkins) were equipped with hidden steel inserts embedded into the insulated foam cores. These inserts enabled some styles of Hot Spring cover lifters to attach directly into the edge of their spa covers. Mega beefy design!

Follow these steps to select the right lifter for you.

  • Identify your spa model & model year
  • Check out the cover lifter chart to see which system will work on your spa.
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CoverCradle I Cover Lifter (24" Clearance)
Item #: 72577

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The CoverCradle® is our smoothest operator. As the spa cover is folded back the “cradle” design is assisted by dual pneumatic gas shocks lowering it to a gentle rest. Only needs twenty four inches (24") of rear clearance. Click the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $479.21

CoverCradle II Cover Lifter (24" Clearance)
Item #: 72690

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The CoverCradle® II has all the features of its big brother in a single pneumatic gas shock design. Our customers who choose either of the CoverCradle® models don't have clearance issues and favor the lower resting point of the cover for increased visibility of their surroundings. Only needs twenty four inches (24") of rear clearance. Click on the "More Info" button for details.

List Price: $499.00
Price: $399.72

Lift 'N Glide Cover Lifter (14" Clearance)
Item #: 73071

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The Lift 'N Glide® is easy to install and ready to ship. This lifter only requires fourteen inches (14") of rear clearance and three inches (3") on each side. Click on the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $239.47

Uprite Cover Lifter (7" Clearance)
Item #: 37876

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The Uprite® Lifter is a favorite for close clearance needs. If your spa needs to be nudged up close to the house, fence or gazebo then this lifter is ideal. The Uprite® (sometimes spelled upright) only requires seven inches (7") of rear clearance to accommodate it. The Uprite® is the first choice if your spa rests in a vault application (recessed), since this lifter doesn’t fold down behind the spa. Click on the picture or "More Info" button for details.

Price: $319.29