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Hot Spring 230volt Heater Replacement Parts

1987-1994 Hot Springs heater elements, gaskets, housing and related parts.

All the bits and pieces for the 230 volt heater used in the Hot Spring Grandee, Highlife 230volt Classic (FH) 230volt Indoor/Outdoor spa (IH) and the 230volt Sovereign (IH) models prior to 1995.

1980-1994 Hot Spring heater (220 volt models)

Cord Adapter, 230Volt, Hot Spring

This heater cord adapter allows one to plug the current replacement heater element into the older style Hot Spring control box. Click the "More Info" button for details.

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Heater Element, Hot Spring, 230v 2.5kW, Pre-1995
Item #: 31409
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This 230v heater element was used on the 1987-1994 Hot Spring Grandee, Highlife and 230 volt Classic and Indoor/Outdoor (later named Sovereign) models. There are two heater elements located in a rectangle shaped stainless steel housing. Each heater element is secured to the heater body (housing) using two nuts (the heater body has threaded posts on which the nuts are placed). Each heater element needs an o-ring and gasket to seal between the heater and heater body. This price is for ONE heater element. Click the "More Info" button for details.

Please Note As of 8/10/2017: We no longer have the original heater elements offered from Watkins, these are generic replacement elements made by Therm-Products. Warranty length is 6 months instead of a year, as this company is no longer in business. Once our inventory sells out, we will be unable to get more replacements. Warranties will not be honored for dry fire issues or water chemistry issues. Please contact our technicians with any questions. 

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Heaterbody Kit, Hot Spring, 230v., 1984-1994

Replacement heater housing kit for the 1987-1994 230volt Hot Spring Grandee & Highlife, 1984-1994 230volt Classic (IH & FH) and 1984-1994 230volt Indoor/Outdoor & Sovereign (IH) spa models. Click the "More Info" button for details.

List Price: $285.62
Price: $242.78
Insulation, Heaterbody - 230V

(Ref. #5) This insulation minimizes the heat loss through the heater housing. 

Price: $16.39
Manifold Plug, 3/4" Slip X 1/4" closed nipple

This plug has been used on the 220volt pre-1995 Hot Spring heater to cap off the drain hose by clamping the 1/4" vinyl drain tubing to the closed 1/4" nipple on this plug. Also used in the 71557 Kit.

Price: $9.25
Nut, #1/4in-20in SS

(Ref. #1) Stainless steel nut used to secure the 220 volt Hot Spring heater elements ( 31409 ) to the heater housing ( 70192 ).

Price: $1.47
O-Ring, Heaterbody 230V

(Ref. #3) This o-ring is used in conjunction with the Retainer Gasket (part#70092) to seal the heater element(s)(part#31409) into the heater housing (part# 70192)

Price: $2.00
Plug, Heaterbody Drain - 1/2in

(ref. 9) This plug is for the 1989-1994 230v. heater. This 1/2" size if for the heaters that have a 1/2" drain hose. For a 1/4" plug use the 38398

Price: $8.51
Retainer Gasket, Heaterbody 230V

(Ref. #4) The Retainer is used to hold the Heaterbody O-ring( part#31240) into place on Hot Spring Highlife & Grandee model spas manufactured from 1987 to 1994.

Price: $2.52
Spring Clamp, 3/4" (.97-1-.18)

3/4" spring clamp (aka wire clamp) is used to secure the 3/4 inch vinyl tubing (70315) to various components.

Note: Wear eye protection when squeezing these little rascals. Service techs typically use either needle nose pliers or hose clamp pliers to squeeze then slide this spring clamp onto the vinyl tubing.

Price: $0.74
Vinyl Tubing, Thick Walled, 3/4" Dia. (ID) x 36"

3/4" inside diameter (ID) by 36" long section of specially made thick walled, clear vinyl tubing. This thick walled tubing will stand up to the harsh chlorinated spa environment for years to come. This is the size of tubing that connects the circulation pump to the heater in all Hot Spring and Tiger River spas from 1990-2008. Use the 1/2" tubing for 1982-1989 Hot Spring spa models.

3/4" Vinyl Tubing
1/2" Vinyl Tubing
3/8" Vinyl Tubing
1/4" Vinyl Tubing

Price: $10.30