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Hot Spring Directional Jet

For 1991-1996 models

This jet was used in the 1991-1996 Hot Spring Classis, Grandee, Highlife, Jetsetter, Prodigy and Sovereign spa models

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Spa models that used this jet
MODEL Serial # Range YEAR
Classic (F & FH) F-411628 to F-469999 1991-1996
Grandee G-411100 to G-469999 1991-1996
Highlife K-121001 to K-469999 1992-1996
Jetsetter J-411001 to J-469999 1991-1996
Prodigy H-411001 to 469999 1991-1996
Sovereign (I & IH) I-411605 to I-469999 1991-1996


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Jet Body-Rear
Item #: 71125

More Info  

(Ref. #6) This jet wall fitting or jet body was used on the 1992-1996 Hot Spring Highlife, 1994-1996 Grandee, 1991-1996 Classic, Sovereign, Prodigy and Jetsetter.
Price: $6.72

Jet Face, 1990-1996 Hot Spring-White
Item #: 32421

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(Ref. #1) To replace this 1990-1996 white Hot Spring jet face simply push on the front of this part and rotate counter-clockwise.

(Ref. #11) on 1990-1991
List Price: $5.60
Price: $4.76

Jet Face, White
Item #: 34351

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White replacement jet face for 1991-1996 white Hot Spring and 1995-2002 white Hot Spot models. To replace simply push on the front of this jet face and rotate counter-clockwise.
List Price: $12.80
Price: $10.88

Jet Orifice, .365 (G,F,I,H,J)
Item #: 32871

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(Ref. #7) This white nozzle orifice screws into the directional jet housing and is the replacement for the 1991-1996 Hot Spring Grandee, Classic, Sovereign, Prodigy and Jetsetter. Its purpose is to adjust the water flow to optimum pressure based on the gallons per minute design of the above spa models.
List Price: $2.20
Price: $1.87

Nozzle, Directional Jet-Gray
Item #: 36201

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This is the gray nozzle for the 1996 Hot Spring & 1995-2002 Hot Spot directional jet.  This nozzle sits behind the jet face and can be directed (rotated) as desired.
Price: $1.70

Nozzle, Directional Jet-White
Item #: 10428

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(Ref. #3a) The white nozzle for the 1991-1996 Hot Spring directional jet sits behind the jet face and can be directed (rotated) as desired.

(Ref. #9) on 1990-1991

List Price: $5.60
Price: $4.76

O-Ring, Wallfitting Front-Red
Item #: 30482

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Silicone wallfitting o-ring used in various places on Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot and Solana spas. Click the "More info" button for details.

List Price: $2.00
Price: $1.70

Orifice, Jet .355 Blue - K
Item #: 32873

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(Ref. #7b) Jet orifice for the 1992-1996 Hot Spring Highlife and is also the replacement for all 1990-1991 Hot Spring.
Price: $1.87

Rotary Jet, 1990-1996, White
Item #: 31840

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This rotary jet can replace a directional jet in 1990-1996 Hot Spring Prodigy, Jetsetter, Grandee, Highlife, Classic and Sovereign spa models.

(Ref. #12) on 1990-1991 page
List Price: $31.40
Price: $26.69

Seat Ring, Directional Jet
Item #: 32872

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(Ref. #2) This replacement seat ring is placed behind the jet nozzle of 1991-1996 Hot Spring directional jet and various 1995-2002 Hot Spot spa models. It provides a Teflon like backing for the nozzle to rotate against.

(Ref. #10) on 1990-1991
(Ref. #2) on 1991-1996

List Price: $1.10
Price: $0.94

Wallfitting Nut, Front
Item #: 32420

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(Ref. #4) The wallfitting threads into the jet body that is located behind the spa shell and has a silicone o-ring on the spa side to prevent leaking. Contrary to popular opinion this wallfitting is the least likely location of an internal leak in any Hot Spring spa.
Price: $3.57