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Item #: 73588
Circ Pump, Watkins SilentFlo 5000
Circ Pump, Watkins SilentFlo 5000


OBSOLETE-Use 74427
The Watkins SilentFlo® 5000 circulation pump was used from 1995-2008 and was replaced by the new and more efficient E5 Silent Flo
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Adapter Kit, SilentFlo 5000, Pre-1990 Hot Spring
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Used to convert 1/2" plumbing to 3/4" on pre-1990 Hot Springs only This kit contains all the fittings & tubing necessary to convert your 1/2" plumbing to 3/4" when replacing the older style 1/2" inlet/outlet Hot Spring circulating pumps to the new SilentFlo E5 replacement circulator pumps.

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Spring Clamp, 3/4" (.97-1-.18)
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3/4" spring clamp (aka wire clamp) is used to secure the 3/4 inch vinyl tubing (70315) to various components.

Note: Wear eye protection when squeezing these little rascals. Service techs typically use either needle nose pliers or hose clamp pliers to squeeze then slide this spring clamp onto the vinyl tubing.
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