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Hot Spring Lighting Accessories

Underwater & Exterior Mood Lighting

LED lighting enhancements for Hot Spring and Tiger River spas Multi colored L.E.D. lighting adds a certain something to our hot tub escape. Different colors massage our tired eyes and sooth our mood. These LED lighting upgrades add one more sensory experience to our hot tub adventure.
Exterior LED light bars
Luminescence®   Clarion®

Clarion LED Light Bars (3 to a kit)

The Clarion® lighting system. There is something about cobalt blue lighting that mellows the soul. Is it that resemblance to a black light? Who knows. One thing for certain though.....

Price: $399.00

Multizone lighting, LED Sleeve, Bayonet LED (pack of 25)


For a quantity of 1, use 74888-1

Price: $12.50
Luminescence Multi-Colored LED Light

"Eye massage". That's what our customers say about the Luminescence® and its many settings. The favored of all modes is to set the Luminescence colors into a slow soothing loop, transitioning to the red, then blue, then green and amber and back again. Toggle the light button on your control panel to lock in your favorite color. Hold the light button down to dim your color to a subtle glow. This light can be replaced by the blue colored L.E.D. light #72016. Click on "More Info" button for details.

Note: This light is 20 volts DC

Price: $300.49


Price: $0.50
Splendors LED Multi Colored Light

Obsolete: There is no direct replacement for a multi-colored led light. Please use "white" bulb 023013

Say goodbye to those snap-on colored lenses. This nifty solid state multi-colored L.E.D. light replaces your existing white light bulb on all 2004-2005 Solana spa models and 2003-2005 Hot Spot models and the blue L.E.D. light on all 2006-2008 Hot Spot & Solana spa models. Click the "More Info" button for details.

Price: Not available
Not Available