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Hot Spot Replacement Pillows

Pillows for the 2003-2009 Hot Spot spa models.

Factory replacement spa pillows from Watkins

Replacement pillows for the Hot Spot La Palma, Mallorca, Sorrento and Trinidad spa models.

Pillow, Hot Spot Acrylic, Cool Gray, 2010 - Cur

Replacement pillow in cool gray color for the 2010-2014 Hot Spot Relay, Tempo, and Rhythm Models

Price: $23.01
Pillow, Hot Spot Mallorca/Sorrento, 2003-2008 (Seat)

This is the factory replacement pillow for the corner seats on the 2003-2008 Hot Spot Sorrento and Mallorca spa models.

Price: $75.12
Pillow, Hot Spot, Mallorca/La Palma, Lounge

This is the factory replacement pillow for the lounge on the 2003-2008 Hot Spot Mallorca and the 2008 La Palma spa models.

Price: $83.52
Pillow, Trinidad, 2003-2009

Gray pillow used on the lounge of the 2003-2009 Hot Spot Trinidad spa model.

old 72595

Price: $54.15
Retainer Button, Headrest


Retainer button (resembles a nylon washer) used in Pillow Retainer Screw Kit. This white button is what holds the spa pillows in place.

Price: Not available
Not Available