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Life's Little Sweeteners

Accessories & Add-ons

All our accessories are easy to install and make owning a great brand of hot tub even sweeter. Just when we think our Hot Spring spa can't get any sweeter, the engineers at Watkins dream up another cool idea and bring it to fruition. Below are some of the add-ons we enjoy in our spas.

ACE Chlorine Generator Cell

This is the replacement cell for the ACE Chlorine Generator cell. This cell uses electrolysis to convert salt that is dissolved in the hot tub water into usable chlorine to sanitize the spa water.  Once the chlorine is used up, it basically recombines into salt and can be used over and over until the spa is drained and the salt needs to be replaced.  This cell also tests the salt levels in the water to show if more salt needs to be added.

Price: $847.20
Ace Cleaning Bottle

Cleaning bottle used to clean the Ace cartridge. This bottle is the proper size to fit the Ace Chlorine Generation Cell for cleaning with vinegar or water with pH decreaser added, ie, acid.  The bottle is large enough for the entire cell to be submerged in liquid but small so not a huge amount of liquid used for cleaning needs to be used.

Price: $8.28
ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System

The Ace System uses salt and small amounts of electricity to generate chlorine for use in your spa.  This means all chlorine is generated automatically, and never in excess amounts, yielding water that is both sanitized, and soft on your skin.

See more info on the Ace System on Hot Springs website by clicking here . Use the 80000 Freshwater Spa Salt with this system.

Price: $1,441.16
Not Available
Clarion LED Light Bars (3 to a kit)

The Clarion® lighting system. There is something about cobalt blue lighting that mellows the soul. Is it that resemblance to a black light? Who knows. One thing for certain though.....

Price: $399.00
CoverCradle I Cover Lifter (24" Clearance)

The CoverCradle® is our smoothest operator. As the spa cover is folded back the “cradle” design is assisted by dual pneumatic gas shocks lowering it to a gentle rest. Only needs twenty four inches (24") of rear clearance. Click the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $489.62
CoverCradle II Cover Lifter (24" Clearance)

The CoverCradle® II has all the features of its big brother in a single pneumatic gas shock design. Our customers who choose either of the CoverCradle® models don't have clearance issues and favor the lower resting point of the cover for increased visibility of their surroundings. Only needs twenty four inches (24") of rear clearance. Click on the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $410.29


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Price: $28.85
Ease, SmartChlor Cartridge

Ease, SmartChlor Cartridge 

Price: $15.77
FreshWater III Corona Discharge Ozonator
Item #: 72602
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What's included: Newly designed and more compact Freshwater 3 High Output Ozone System w/ Direct Connect Power Cord, Injector, Ozone Resistant Tubing & Check Valve.

Description: New!Newly designed FreshWater® III CD Ozonator effortlessly replaces the older FreshWater II High Output ozonator taking up less than one quarter the space while packing twice the punch. Never had an ozonator you say? This will be the last ozonator you'll ever want. Our Freshwater® III CD Ozonator produces ozone differently than a typical ultraviolet style ozonator found today. Our corona discharge method of ozone generation will crank out a higher concentration (PPM) of ozone and that concentration level won't decrease over the years like the ultraviolet style ozonators. Easy to install, the new Freshwater III CD Ozonator's bubbles will give your spa water that "rain fresh" fragrance. Installs in any 1995-forward Hot Spring, Tiger River and Limelight spa models. Click on the "More Info" button for details.

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Price: $272.00
Freshwater Spa Salt, 10lbs, 2 per case

Freshwater Spa Salts, 2- 10lb bags

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Price: $51.92
IQ 2020 Navigator RF Remote

This floating remote controls the spa functions on all 2004-2010 Hot Spring, Tiger River and Limelight spa models. See what you can do with this remote from up to 100' away or while soaking in your tub. Click the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $687.37
Lift 'N Glide Cover Lifter (14" Clearance)

The Lift 'N Glide® is easy to install and ready to ship. This lifter only requires fourteen inches (14") of rear clearance and three inches (3") on each side. Click on the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $247.20
Luminescence Multi-Colored LED Light

"Eye massage". That's what our customers say about the Luminescence® and its many settings. The favored of all modes is to set the Luminescence colors into a slow soothing loop, transitioning to the red, then blue, then green and amber and back again. Toggle the light button on your control panel to lock in your favorite color. Hold the light button down to dim your color to a subtle glow. Click on "More Info" button for details.

Note: This light is 20 volts DC

Price: $300.49
Splendors LED Multi Colored Light

Obsolete: There is no direct replacement for a multi-colored led light. Please use "white" bulb 023013

Say goodbye to those snap-on colored lenses. This nifty solid state multi-colored L.E.D. light replaces your existing white light bulb on all 2004-2005 Solana spa models and 2003-2005 Hot Spot models and the blue L.E.D. light on all 2006-2008 Hot Spot & Solana spa models. Click the "More Info" button for details.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Swivel Spa Side Handrail

Handrails are especially handy when we're feeling a little wobbly after a long soak. This swivel style hand rail rotates 180 degrees. Once you're inside your spa you can simply rotate the handrail around to you when it's time to exit. Set up is a breeze! Click the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $239.70
Not Available
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Price: $1.03
Uprite Cover Lifter (7" Clearance)

The Uprite® Lifter is a favorite for close clearance needs. If your spa needs to be nudged up close to the house, fence or gazebo then this lifter is ideal. The Uprite® (sometimes spelled upright) only requires seven inches (7") of rear clearance to accommodate it. The Uprite® is the first choice if your spa rests in a vault application (recessed), since this lifter doesn’t fold down behind the spa. Click on the picture or "More Info" button for details.

Price: $334.80