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In this post, we are going to show you how to troubleshoot the heater relay board for a HotSpring Spa. If you walk out to your spa and you notice that the heater has stopped working, but you don’t see any flashing lights or error codes, you could have a bad heater relay board. To follow along with this troubleshooting guide you will need a voltage meter, Phillips head screwdriver, and about 15 minutes.

Note: Always use caution when working with electrical components. If you feel like you are in over your head, please call your local spa dealer.

Bad Heater Relay Board

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Power down the spa.
  2. Remove the equipment compartment door.
  3. Remove the lid of your IQ 2020 Control Box.
  4. Restore power to the spa.
  5. After verifying that the HTR ON light is lit on the Motherboard, check the AC Voltage where the Black wire and White wire of the heater plugs into the Heater Board.
  6. If you are not getting a proper voltage reading at the black and white wires of the heater, you have a bad heater board.
  7. If you are getting the proper voltage reading at the black and white wires of the heater, then the issue could be with the heater itself.

NOTE: One easy way to tell if your heater board is bad is to check and see if the red “D9” light is flashing on it. If it is…It’s bad.

What to do if Your Heater Relay Board is Bad

If you followed the steps above and have discovered that your heater relay board is bad, you will want to replace it immediately (especially if you are in an area that gets below freezing temperatures).

To purchase a new heater board for your spa, click the link for your spa’s year range below:

IQ2020 HTR RELAY BOARD 2001-2009.5

IQ2020 HTR RELAY BOARD 2009.5-2012.5

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