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Hot Spring Filter Compartment 1987-1988 Grandee

Filter compartment parts for the 1987-1988 Grandee

This filter compartment is in two parts. The skimmer on this model year Grandee is off to the side. It has a floating weir gate that travels on rollers attached to the weir. When the jet pumps are activated the weir gate drops creating the "skimming" action. The water is then drawn into the actual filter compartment accessed by removing a weighted cover located in the body of the water on the entry step just above the equipment compartment door. The two filters in this compartment both have their function. The left filter is dedicated to the left side jet pump and the right filter for the right side pump. Each filter inserts onto a fitting located in this compartment and then a spring loaded "filter coupling " is inserted between the two filters to hold them in place.

1987-1988 Hot Spring Grandee filter compartment illustration Find with Parts Finder Show compatibility chart Hide compatibility chart
Filter compartment of the following spas:
Hot Spring
MODEL Serial # Range YEAR
Grandee G-101 to G-6000 1987-1988

Filter Cartridge, Hot Spring, Grandee 1987-1988

This cartridge filter element is used on all Hot Spring Grandee models from 1987-1988. It has a resin sealed fitting on one end to accommodate the special coupling (20055) that's used to separate and hold the two filters into place. The 1987-1988 Grandee has (2) of these filters located under a weighted filter cover on the cool down bench (step).

(2) on the 1987-1988 Grandee Filter Compartment page

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Filter Coupling, Hot Spring, 1987-1988 Grandee

This coupling fits between the two filters on a 1987-1988 Hot Spring Grandee. Its purpose is to hold both filters by tension into place to keep water from bypassing.

(Ref. #3) on the 1987-1988 Grandee Filter Compartment page

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Filter Retainer, Hot Spring

This retainer is used on each of the two filters ( 20204 ) on the 1987-1988 Hot Spring Grandee.

(Ref. #1) on the 1987-1988 Grandee Filter Compartment page Also used on the pre-1990 Hot Spring Prodigy and Jetsetter filter grill. This item screws into the wall on those models and lines up with the #2 fittings on the grill door.

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O-Ring, Wallfitting Front-Red

Silicone wallfitting o-ring used in various places on Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot and Solana spas. Click the "More info" button for details.

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Skimmer Weir w/Wheels, Hot Spring


This skimmer weir was engineered using high impact polymer injection molded wheels strategically placed on the weir. This allowed easy movement both floating up and down as well as side to side. The weir was mounted between guides on each side. Click the "More Info" button for details.

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Wallfitting Nut, White

Used in various applications including the filter compartment of all Solana spa models, all 1998-2002 Hot Spot models, the 1987-1988 Hot Spring Grandee, the grill style filter compartments and the '80-'85 Classic filter compartment. Also used in the filter compartment of all Tiger River spa models.

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Wallfitting, Rear - Wmc

This fitting is used on many different Hot Spring spa models in various places including the grill style filter compartment as part of the filter assembly. Also used in the filter compartment of all 1992-1996 Tiger River spa models.

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