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Hot Spot Filter Compart Pre-1998

1993-1997 Hot Spot model filter compartment replacement parts.

Filter compartment parts for 1993-1997 Hot Spot Round and 1995-1997 Hot Spot 2 vinyl sided and hard sided spa models.

1993-1997 Hot Spot Z model filter compartment illustration. Find with Parts Finder Show compatibility chart Hide compatibility chart
Filter compartment parts for the following spa models:
MODEL Serial # Range YEARS
Hot Spot Round (Z models) Z-230001 to Z-479999 1993-1997
Hot Spot2 (Y-models) Y-151001 to Y-479999 1995-1997

Air Relief Valve-Hot Spot Spas-Z

This black air relief valve is located on the filter top of Hot Spot model spas. The purpose of this valve is to allow trapped air in the filter housing to escape so the pump can prime and return to normal jet operation.

Price: $3.53
Filter Cartridge, Hot Spot, 1993-1997

Factory replacement cartridge filter element for all 1993-1997 Hot Spot spa models. From 1998 to 2002 use the 71825.

Price: $34.35
Filter Cover, Hot Spot Pre-1998

This part is obsolete at the factory but we have 1 left in-stock.

Gray filter cover with molded in recessed drink holders used on all 1993-1997 Hot Spot spa models.

Limited supply on hand of this factory obsolete part-(1 per customer)
Price: $47.50
Filter Lid O-ring, Hot Spot '93-'97

O-ring fits around the filter lid just above the threads to seal the pressurized filter canister on all 1993-1997 Hot Spot models.  This o-ring would need to be replaced if it's missing or leaking.

Price: $3.53
Filter Top Lock Ring-Hot Spot, '93-'97

This lock ring is used to secure the filter top to the pressurized filter canister on the 1993-1997 Hot Spot models.

Price: $20.28
Filter Top, Hot Spot, '93-'97

This filter top (lid) is the replacement for all 1993-1997 Hot Spot spa models.

Price: $31.41
O-Ring, Relief Air, Hot Spot

This small o-ring is used on the 70802 air relief vale on the pre 1998 Hot Spot spas filter top.

Price: $1.53