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Tiger River Filter Compartment 1992-Current

Filter compartment parts for all Tiger River spa models.

Filter compartment parts for the Tiger River Bengal, Caspian, Khyber, Manora, Siberian, Sumatran and Tondi spa models.

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Filter compartment parts for the following spa models:
MODEL Serial # Range YEARS
All Models 1992-current All

Filter Cartridge, 65 sq ft, Tiger River, Limelight, some Hot Spring and Hot Spot models

Factory replacement cartridge filter for the 1986-1990 Hot Spring Classic, 1984-1988 Indoor/Outdoor, 1989-1990 Sovereign, all Tiger River & Limelight spa models and 2010 to now Hot Spot Relay/Tempo. This filter should be sprayed off with a garden hose pressure nozzle once a month and then chemically cleaned with a filter de-greaser 3-4 times a year. Typical life of this OEM filter is 3-5 years. Click the "More Info" button for details.

Recommended filter cleaner 42654BIO

Price: $67.88
Filter Standpipe & Cap Combo Upgrade

Upgrade replacement standpipe ( 36531 ) and cap ( 36513 ) combo for all single filter Hot Spring and all Tiger River spa models to enable you to use the FreshWater® AG+ Silver Ionizer cartridge . The AG Plus Silver Ionizer is inserted into the top of the standpipe and is suspended within. The 71827 cartridge filter fits over this standpipe.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Filter Standpipe Cap, Gray

This FreshWater Ag+ gray standpipe cap holds the filter in place on a gray colored standpipe. This gray standpipe cap identifies the correct standpipe (if your spa model has more than one filter) to insert the Fresh Water Ag+ Silver Ionizer into all 1992-current Tiger River spas, all 1990-current Hot Spring spas, all 2003-current Solana spas and 1998-2002 Hot Spot spa models.

Price: $3.35
Filter Standpipe, Tiger River Siberian, 2000-2003


This white filter standpipe is only used on the 2000-2003 Tiger River Siberian. It is the wall fitting nut and the standpipe "all in one". 



Price: Not available
Not Available
O-Ring, Wallfitting Front-Red

Silicone wallfitting o-ring used in various places on Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot and Solana spas. Click the "More info" button for details.

Price: $2.61
Skimmer Weir Modification & Check Valve

Skimmer upgrade replacement for all 1992-current Tiger River and all Limelight spa models. Tiger River & Limelight skimmers are replaced if the skimmer weir (floating doughnut) has warped or is sticking, displaying the symptom of a surging jet pump or loosing prime.

Price: $66.55
Standpipe, Tiger River, 1997-current

This standpipe also doubles as the wall fitting and screws into the 71452 rear wall fitting at the bottom of the filter compartment on all 1997 -now Tiger River spa models (2000-2003 Siberian uses the 71947).

Price: $32.12
Wallfitting W/O Knockout, Tiger River

This threaded wall fitting is located in the bottom of the filter compartment on all 1997-current Tiger River Bengal, Caspian, Sumatran & Siberian spa models. This is where the filter standpipe screws into.

Price: $12.75
Wallfitting, Rear - Wmc

This fitting is used on many different Hot Spring spa models in various places including the grill style filter compartment as part of the filter assembly. Also used in the filter compartment of all 1992-1996 Tiger River spa models.

Price: $17.97