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Solana Filter Cartridges

Factory replacement filter cartridges for the Solana RX, SX, TX & X spa models!

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Need new spa filters? We have all the right sizes and shapes for your make and model. Our factory original replacement filters are designed specifically for your Solana spa model.

Have you seen theNew Tri X Hot Spring Tri-X® ceramic filters?
You can just pop them into your dishwasher (no soap and the drying cycle off) and Voila! Cleaned filters.

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We have genuine OEM factory replacement filters for every Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot & Solana spa ever made!

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Filter Cartridge, Hot Spring / Hot Spot & Solana

Original factory filter cartridge (aka filter element) made exclusively for Hot Spring factory and fits all 1990-2012 Hot Spring (Vista, Envoy, and Aria use the 73178 only), all 1998-2002 Hot Spot spas and all Solana models. This filter is made from a different polyester material than generic filters to allow more gallons per minute flow per square foot of fabric. Use the "Check Serial Number Compatibility" tool below to confirm that this OEM filter replacement is correct for your spa.

Note: 31489 is stamped on one end of this filter.

List Price: $35.00
Price: $29.50
Filter Cartridge, Tri-X Ceramic

This ceramic fiber cartridge filter was introduced in the 2004 Hot Spring high performance spa models. In 2006 the Tri-X became available as a replacement for the common polyester filters (aka paper filters). The unique design enables it to filter twice the water per minute than a common filter. You don’t have to clean it as often either! This filter can replace the 71825 filter in all 1990-current Hot Spring spa models, 1998-2002 Hot Spot models and all Solana X, RX, SX & TX spa models.

Price: $57.68