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Hot Spring Directional Jet

For the 1995-1996 "Vista Series" models

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Spa models that used this jet
MODEL Serial # Range YEAR
Landmark S-151001 to S-469999 1995-1996
Summit R-151001 to R-369999 1995-1996


Model Year Range

Base Nozzle Assembly

(DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER...Replace with 34437) Base for both the directional nozzle and the rotary spinning jet nozzle. This part simply screws into the jet bezel and provides a platform that enables you to snap in either a directional nozzle or a rotating jet nozzle.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Bezel, Adjustable Directional Jet-White

This white bezel simply inserts into the jet body and turns clockwise, a quarter turn, to lock it in position.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Jet Body, Rear
Item #: 74330

This jet assembly (jet body) is located on the backside of the spa shell on all 1994-1996 Tiger River Tondi/Sumatran, Manora & Khyber models as well as 1995-1995 Hot Spring Summit & Landmark models.

Price: $28.41
Jet Nozzle, Gray
Item #: 70334

OBSOLETE- Use Rotary Jet 34437

Gray Jet Nozzle (white is no longer available) used on 1995-1996 Hot Spring Landmark & Summit, all 1992-1993 Tiger River models, 1994-1996 Tiger River spas and 1995-1996 Hot Spot models. (Ref. #1) on the 1995-1996 Hot Spring "Vista Series" Directional Jet page
(Ref. #7) on the 1992-1993 Tiger River Directional Jet page
(Ref. #1) on the 1994-1994 Tiger River Directional Jet page

Price: Not available
Not Available
O-Ring, Directional Jet (Set/2)

This part is obsolete at the factory but we have 9 left in-stock.

Set of 2 o-rings for this directional jet.

Price: $11.95
O-Ring, Wall Fitting

Silicone (rubber will break down in chlorinated water) o-ring to seal the wall fitting nut against the spa shell. The wall fitting nut screws into the jet body that's located on the back of the spa shell.

Price: $3.35
Ring, Teflon Seal, Set of 2

White Teflon ring that seats the backside of the jet nozzle to pivot against easily while forming a seal around the rear of the nozzle to maximize jet performance. There are two of these per jet on the 1993-1994 Hot Spot Round model. This kit has two rings included. 

(Ref. #4) on the 1992-1993 Tiger River Directional Jet page
(Ref. #5) on the 1995-1996 Hot Spring "Vista Series" Directional Jet page

Price: $24.71
Rotary Jet Nozzle Assembly, White

This white (gray is no longer available) rotary jet and holder converts any adjustable jet into a spinning jet in a 1995-1996 Hot Spring Summit and 1995-1999 Landmark, all 1992-1996 Tiger River models, 1993-1994 Hot Spot Round (Z) and 1995-1996 Hot Spot2 (Y) models.

Price: $37.11