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Hot Spring Directional Jet

For pre-1990 models

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Model Year Range

Jet Body, Hot Spring- Pre-1990

This jet body is located behind the spa shell on pre-1990 Hot Spring spa models. Air and water tubing connects to this part of the jet.  A wall fitting nut is used to clamp the jet body in place.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Nozzle, Jet - Wmc

(Ref. #6) Jet nozzle for pre-1990 Hot Spring spa models

Price: $40.91
O-Ring, Jet Rear Retainer, Hot Spring-Pre-1990

(Ref. #4) This o-ring rests behind the rear retainer of the nozzle to prevent water from flowing around the nozzle in the pre-1990 Hot Spring directional jet.

Price: $2.34
O-Ring, Wallfitting Front-Red

Silicone wallfitting o-ring used in various places on Hot Spring, Tiger River, Hot Spot and Solana spas. Click the "More info" button for details.

Price: $2.57
Ring, Retainer Jet - Wmc

(Ref. #8) Retainer that holds the nozzle into place.

Price: $7.03
Ring, Retainer Jet Front - Wmc

(Ref. #7) This part fits behind the retainer.

Price: $2.57
Ring, Retainer Jet Rear - Wmc

(Ref. #5) Rear retainer fits behind the jet nozzle in all pre-1990 Hot Spring spa models. This part gives the nozzle the ability to pivot up, down and left to right and hold that position.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Wallfitting Nut, Hot Spring- Pre-1990

This wallfitting nut screws into the jet body with the spa shell sandwiched between in the pre-1990 Hot Spring spa models.

Price: $5.99