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Tiger River Jetstream Jet

Jetstream Jet for 1992-1993 Tiger River spas

1992-1993 Tiger River Jetstream Jet illustration

This Jet stream jet was used on the 1992-1993 Tiger River Khyber, Manora and Tondi spa models.

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Spa models that used this jet
MODEL Serial # Range YEAR
Khyber (LH, LD) LH-320001 to LH-439999 1992-1993
Manora M-320001 to M-439999 1992-1993
Tondi N-320001 to N-439999 1992-1993


Model year

Front Wallfitting, Jetstream Jet, Gray

(4) Gray threaded wall fitting nut inserts through the spa shell and screws into the Jetstream Jet body.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Jet Body, Jetstream

(Ref. #6) The Jet Stream jet body is located on the backside of all 1991-1993 and 1997-current Hot Spring, 1992-1993 and 1997-current Tiger River spa models.

Price: $13.03
Jetstream Orifice, 1/2"

(Ref. #7) The orifice screws into the Jetstream Jet from inside the spa and it's purpose is to increase the pressure flowing out of the Jet Stream Jet.

Price: $3.05
Nozzle Seat Ring, Jetstream Jet

(Ref. #3) The nozzle seat ring goes on the backside of the 1991-1993 and 1997-current Hot Spring, 1992-1993 and 1997-current Tiger River JetStream Jet nozzle (eyeball). Its purpose is to provide a slick Teflon like backing for the nozzle to pivot against while also being held firmly enough in place to prevent it from rattling. These can deteriorate over the years and break into small pieces.

Price: $1.87
Nozzle, Jetstream Jet, 1992-1993, Gray

OBSOLETE- Use 72725

(Ref. #2) The gray eyeball (nozzle) is the piece on the 1991-1993 Jetstream Jet where the most volume of water travels out from. The Jet Stream Jet is the largest jet in a Tiger River spa.

Price: Not available
Not Available
O-Ring, Wall Fitting

Silicone (rubber will break down in chlorinated water) o-ring to seal the wall fitting nut against the spa shell. The wall fitting nut screws into the jet body that's located on the back of the spa shell.

Price: $3.28
Retainer Ring, Jetstream Jet, Gray

(Ref. #1) The gray retainer ring holds the Jetstream Jet eyeball (nozzle) into place. It simply screws into place hand tightened only.  Used on Tiger River and Hot Springs spas made from 1990 to 1993.

Price: $2.34
Tee, Venturi Jetstream - Wmc

(Ref. #8) the venturi tee is is plumbed with an air line that adds air to the water flowing out of the Jetstream Jet nozzle to increase its force. Sometimes a 38390 air check valve is added to this part using a 1/2" pvc coupling.

Price: $3.98