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Moto-Massage® Jet Parts (1983-1988)

For all 1983-1988 Hot Spring Spas Moto-Massage Jets

Replacement Moto Massage parts for the Hot Spring 1983-1988 Classic, 1987-1988 Grandee, 1985-1988 Personal Spa/Jetsetter, and 1984-1988 Indoor/Outdoor (now called Sovereign) spa models.

Exploded Diagram of Pre 1997 Moto-Massage Jet Find with Parts Finder

Brand year

Barbed Adapter, 1/4" X 5/16"

(Ref. #9) This barbed adapter is used in various places but primarily in the Moto-Massage niche for the small silicone Moto-Massage Jet air tube to slip onto on pre-1997 Hot Spring spa models.

Price: $7.16
Cap, Moto-Massage Air Tube

This cap holds the small blue silicone air tube (70307) onto the Moto-Massage Jet.

Price: $1.68
Guide Body, Moto-Massage Jet (1983-1993)

(Ref. #4) Replacement Moto-Massage Guide Body for all 1983-1993 white colored Hot Spring spa models.

Price: $72.02
Moto-Massage Face Plate-(White-Pre-1989)

This face place fits over the Moto-Massage guide body and is held in place with two stainless steel screws. Used on Hot Spring models up to 1988.

Price: $82.25
Moto-Massage Jet Assembly (Ivory)

OBSOLETE: Use the 73307 Warm Gray (ie, Light Beige)

This off white (ivory color) Moto-Massage Jet is the factory replacement for all white colored 1989-2008 Hot Spring spa models. This jet comes complete with the silicone air tube (70307 ) and the cap (30723). The bright white colored Moto-Massage Jet was discontinued in 3-2012 now this ivory color was discontinued 11-2012. Click the "More Info" button for details.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Screw Cover, Moto-Massage Faceplate, 1989-1996, White

(Ref. #9) White colored screw cover fits over the stainless steel screw that secures the Moto Massage face plate to its guide body on all 1989-1996 white colored Hot Spring spas.  Two of these are used for each motomassage faceplate.  Priced individually.

Price: $2.61
Screw, 1/4in-20 X 3/4in SS

Stainless steel screw used for various purposes including securing the Moto-Massage guide body to the spa shell and the Moto-Massage Face Plate to the guide body. Also used on some skimmer weirs to secure them to the spa shell and replaces the 33514 door screw on the 1983-1997 Hot Spring Classic.

Price: $1.43
Silicone Air Tube, Moto-Massage Jet

This silicone air tube attaches onto the Moto-Massage Jet. If it breaks or splits, the Moto-Massage Jet won't receive the proper air mixture which in turn will cause it to stop traveling. The o-ring (33020) and the cap (30723) are included. Click on the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $15.71
Washer, Poly 1/4in X 5/8in

OBSOLETE at the factory. Available at hardware stores.

(Ref. #3) Used behind the Moto-Massage guide body.

Price: Not available
Not Available