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The Moto-Massage® Jet

None Compare!

Moto Massage Jet Traveling

The Moto-Massage® was patented by Watkins Manufacturing in the early 80's and is the first "moving jet" of its kind. It travels within a niche that resides behind the bathers back via a combination of water and air flow. This ingenious invention effortlessly glides up and down the bathers back without the use of any clunky mechanical components. Smooth!

Before Replacing:
If your jet is not traveling up & down there may be other reasons why:

  1. Low water flow due to jet pump malfunction but usually it's dirty, clogged filters.
  2. Improper air mixture due to air valve failure or the Moto-Massage® air tube is disconnected or split (this jet will not travel without an air and water mixture).
  3. Moto-Massage® nozzle misaligned. (not traveling perfectly vertical)

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