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Tiger River Precision Jet Parts

Mini-Jet replacement parts for 1997-2003 Tiger River spas

This is the smallest jet used in the 1997 through the second quarter of 2003 Tiger River Bengal, Sumatran and Siberian spa models.

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Spa models that used this jet
MODEL Serial # Range YEAR
Bengal M-171001 to M-2E9999 1997-2003
Sumatran N-171001 to N-2E9999 1997-2003
Siberian L-171001 to L-2E9999 1997-2003


Model Year Range

Note: Only the "Cool Gray" color was used on the Tiger River Brand

Coupler, Barbed, 3/8" x 3/8"

3/8" barbed coupling used to splice in 3/8" vinyl tubing (70317 )

Price: $3.05
Face, Precision Jet-Gray

(Ref. #1) Gray face for the Precision Jet (mini-jet) for all 1996-2003 Hot Spring & Tiger River spas, 2000-2003 Solana spas and 2000-2002 Hot Spot spa models. This part just snaps onto the wall fitting nut.

Price: $7.74
O-Ring, Precision Jet

(Ref. #4) Precision Jet o-ring fits between the interior spa shell and the wall fitting nut to prevent leaks from around the jet.  The o-ring creates a seal between the jet body and the back side of the shell, when compressed by the wall fitting nut.

Price: $1.53
Orifice, Precision Jet, White

(Ref. #3) Precision Jet orifice screws into the jet body to increase the pressure of the Precision Jet for all 1996-2003 Hot Spring and Tiger River spa models.

Price: $1.64
Precision Jet Elbow

This elbow is used to glue onto the rear of the Precision Jet Body. This elbow is an odd size and is not available at the local hardware store.

Price: $3.05
Spring Clamp, 3/8"

3/8" spring clamp (aka wire clamp) is used to secure the 3/8 inch vinyl tubing to various components.

Note: Wear eye protection when squeezing these little rascals. Service techs typically use either needle nose pliers are hose clamp pliers to squeeze then slide this spring clamp onto the vinyl tubing.

Price: $1.18
Tee, Precision Jet

This tee is used to glue onto the rear of the Precision Jet Body and provides a 1/2" connection on either side of the tee. This tee is not available at the local hardware store.

Price: $2.34
Vinyl Tubing, Thick Walled, 3/8" Dia. (ID) x 36"

3/8" inside diameter (ID) by 36" long section of specially made thick walled, clear vinyl tubing. This thick walled tubing will stand up to the harsh chlorinated spa environment for years to come.

3/4" Vinyl Tubing
1/2" Vinyl Tubing
3/8" Vinyl Tubing
1/4" Vinyl Tubing

Price: $5.48
Wallfitting Nut, Precision Jet, Cool Gray

This wall fitting nut inserts through the spa shell from inside the spa and threads (screws) into the Precision Jet body located behind the spa shell.

Price: $2.34
Wallfitting, Rear, Precision Jet

(Ref. #5) Wall fitting (jet body) is installed behind the spa shell for the Precision Jet. Both water and air lines feed this fitting. The wall fitting nut (not included) inserts through the front of the spa shell and screws into this fitting with an o-ring positioned between the nut and the spa shell. The barbed fitting is 3/8".

Price: $3.98