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Light bulbs and L.E.D.'s

Light lens and all attached light related parts Flood lights, flouresent lamps and LED lights

Light lenses for Hot Spring & Tiger River spas Find with Parts Finder

Bulb, 85W Blue Flood, Hot Spring

This GE flood bulb is used on all Hot Spring models manufactured up through the end of 2000.

Warning: Do not use a GE flood bulb larger than 85 watts

Price: $58.73
LED Light Assembly (Blue)

This item is now obsolete, use 72642 Multi-Colored L.E.D as a replacement. 

This blue L.E.D. light assembly is the replacement for all 2001-2012 Hot Spring & Tiger River spa models. If you would like to upgrade your existing blue L.E.D. light to a Multi-Colored L.E.D. Luminescence Light on a 3rd quarter 2003 forward Hot Spring and Tiger River spa model then Click here

Note: I if you are replacing a multicolor light with the blue light, and your spa has a fountain, the light in the fountain will no longer work. This light is 20 volts DC

Price: Not available
Not Available
Light Bulb, 9w, Blue-Tiger River (All Pre 2001)

This part is obsolete at the factory but we have 6 left in-stock.

This blue bulb fits all Tiger River models manufactured before 2001. For removal and replacement instructions click the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $28.95
Light Bulb, Low Voltage

Used on all 1993-2002 Hot Spot & all 2000-2005 Solana spa models.

Price: $9.15
Light, Blue Colored L.E.D., Solana 2006-current

This is a blue colored LED light for all 2006 forward Solana & Hot Spot spa models. For a multi-colored LED light use the 73863 light.

Price: $69.51
Luminescence Multi-Colored LED Light

"Eye massage". That's what our customers say about the Luminescence® and its many settings. The favored of all modes is to set the Luminescence colors into a slow soothing loop, transitioning to the red, then blue, then green and amber and back again. Toggle the light button on your control panel to lock in your favorite color. Hold the light button down to dim your color to a subtle glow. This light can be replaced by the blue colored L.E.D. light #72016. Click on "More Info" button for details.

Note: This light is 20 volts DC

List Price: $339.35
Price: $288.45
Splendors LED Light Kit (For 2006-2008 Hot Spot and Solana Spas)

This nifty solid state multi-colored L.E.D. light replaces your existing blue L.E.D. light on all 2006-2008 Hot Spot & Solana spa models. This light is replaced from inside the spa equipment compartment so draining your spa is not necessary.

Price: $120.86
Splendors LED Multi Colored Light

Say goodbye to those snap-on colored lenses. This nifty solid state multi-colored L.E.D. light replaces your existing white light bulb on all 2004-2005 Solana spa models and 2003-2005 Hot Spot models and the blue L.E.D. light on all 2006-2008 Hot Spot & Solana spa models. Click the "More Info" button for details.

List Price: $136.35
Price: $115.89