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Hot Spot Light Lens Replacements-2006-2009!

2006-current light lens, wall fitting, L.E.D.'s and more!

All the parts that are connected to the light in the Hot Spot Mallorca, Sorrento and Trinidad spa models.

Light lenses for Hot Spring & Tiger River spas Light illustration Find with Parts Finder

Price: $10.08
Light Lens Kit, Solana/Hot Spot

Light lens, wall fitting and gasket for all 1995-2009 Hot Spot & all Solana spa models.

Price: $35.93
Light Reflector Holder, Solana & Hot Spot

The reflector is the holder for the 12v light bulb harness on the Solana and Hot Spot spa models.

Price: $1.46
Light, Blue Colored L.E.D., Solana 2006-current

This is a blue colored LED light for all 2006 forward Solana & Hot Spot spa models. For a multi-colored LED light use the 73863 light.

Price: $70.96
Splendors LED Light Kit (For 2006-2008 Hot Spot and Solana Spas)

This nifty solid state multi-colored L.E.D. light replaces your existing blue L.E.D. light on all 2006-2008 Hot Spot & Solana spa models. This light is replaced from inside the spa equipment compartment so draining your spa is not necessary.

Technical note: If you have a hawk control box 76840 (with USB port) and have an SX or TX model and would like to add this multi-colored light, you will need to order the adaptor 76860 to zone 1 and go into programming mode and change zone 1 to enable also Multi-Zone lighting. Please contact our technicians if you have any questions (805) 541-9000.

Price: $123.29