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Bridge Wave Rectifier

Item #: 10489

Bridge Wave Rectifier


This rectifier changes source alternating current (AC) voltage to direct current (DC) voltage to supply DC voltage to the control box relays. This rectifier was used on the 1990-1993 Hot Spring Classic, Sovereign, Prodigy, Jetsetter, Highlife and Grandee, 1994 Tiger River Khyber and the 1993-1994 Hot Spot Z model.

This rectifier is the replacement for these spa models listed below
Hot Spring spa model
Models Serial # Range Years
Classic (F & FH) F-101001 to F-439999 1990-1993
Grandee G-101001 to G-439999 1990-1993
Highlife K-101001 to K-439999 1990-1993
Jetsetter J-101001 to J-439999 1990-1993
Prodigy H-101001 to H-439999 1990-1993
Sovereign (I & IH) I-101001 to I-439999 1990-1993
Tiger River spa model
Models Serial # Range Years
Khyber LH-141001 to LH-449999 1994
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Hot Spot Z-131001 to Z-449999 1993-1994