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Complete GFCI Sub Panel, 50amp w/2-GFCI Breakers

Item #: 301755


For Hot Spring, Tiger River & Limelight spas
This complete sub panel comes with two GFCI breakers, one 20amp 230volt (double pole double throw) and one 30amp 230volt (double pole double throw). This sub panel is used on all permanently connected 230volt only (factory designed to ONLY operate on 230volts) Hot Spring & Tiger River spa models.

Warning: Some electricians will recommend just using a 50amp GFCI breaker and a four wire supply (instead of the needed 6 wires) to your spa. This is dangerous. It  will cause both circuits inside the spa to only trip if a component pulls 50amps instead of 20amps or 30amps before the breaker cuts power to the spa. This in effect could catch a failing component on fire as well as the entire spa. Don't do it!

old part# 31578

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