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Hi-Limit, Heater, Hot Spring Classic (D), 145 deg.

Item #: 30210

Hi-Limit, Heater, Hot Spring Classic (D), 145 deg.


This Heater High-Limit (red heater reset button) is the replacement for the Hot Spring Classic (Model D)

This thermostat was used on the following models listed below
Model Year Serial # Range
Classic   D 101 to D 17817

Notes: The heater hi-limit thermostat sensing bulb is located in the drywell within the heater housing. The hi-limit trips when the temperature inside the heater housing exceeds 145 (plus or minus 10) degrees F. The heater hi-limit can be reset when the temperature inside the heater body has cooled. To reset this high limit, push the red button.

In addition, the spa may be filled but the heater hi-limit can trip because of trapped air within the heater.
When the spa is drained and refilled follow these steps:
1. Turn the temperature all the way down
2. Energize the spa
3. Immediatly turn on the jet pump to purge the air from the heater and circ pump.Let pump run for 10 minutes
4. Turn off jet pump and set temperature to your desired setting.

Technical Specs:
Copper Lead Length: 30 "
Bulb Width: 3/16"

Warnings: The heater hi-limit thermostat is a safety device and should never be bypassed or tampered with.