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Pump, Sta-rite 1hp for Hot Spring

Item #: 30215-NO-VOLUTE-BYP

Pump, Sta-rite 1hp for Hot Spring


This Starite Max-e-glass one horsepower single speed jet pump was used on the 1980-1993 Hot Spring Classic, 1987-1993 Hot Spring Grandee, 1985-1989 Hot Spring Indoor-Outdoor and the 1990-1993 Hot Spring Sovereign spa models. This item is built without the front volute cover or stainless steel band both of which can be reused from your old pump. This version of Sta-Rite can be butted up to your existing volute cover and viola!! Your existing volute is hard plumbed so removing it requires a labor of time consuming love. Just add on the included volute o-ring with a little silicone lube, position this pump to your existing volute cover, install the stainless steel band and you're ready to add water.

*Please note: The power cord used for this assembly is no longer available, you will need to use the power cord from your existing pump. Please call our technicians if you have any questions. 

This Sta-rite 1HP pump was used on the following spas:
Hot Spring Models
Classic 1980-1993
Grandee 1987-1993
Indoor/Outdoor 1985-1989
Sovereign 1990-1993
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Technical Specs: 16 amp/115 Volts AC or 8 amp/230 volt AC, 1 hp, 1 speed

Note: This pump may come pre-configured for either a 120volt or a 230volt operation. To change the voltage, simply turn the voltage selector that's located on the rear of the pump.