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Bleedline Nipple, 1/4", Hot Spring

Item #: 30598


This nipple is glued into various pvc fittings in various places on Hot Spring, Tiger River, Limelight, Hot Spot and Solana spa models. Simply drill out the broken 1/4" barbed fitting with a 19/64" drill bit (only this size drill bit). Then glue this replacement into the drilled out hole using regular PVC glue found at most hardware stores. Don't use primer. A bleedline is critical in preventing a Hot Spring from developing an "air lock" and burning up the heater and/or circulation pump. It is also connected on the backside of the Moto-Massage niche (housing). Bleed lines are important when draining your spa as they help water to drain out of equipment. A bleedline is also critical in a Hot Spring, Tiger River and Limelight spa especially at the small circulation pump and its related plumbing. Here's why: Once the spa is energized after refilling, you're meant to immediately turn on the jet pump. One end of the heating systems plumbing has a 1/4" bleedline. It eventually connects to the small tubing on the front of the jet pump (suction side). Once the jet pump is activated, the bleedline will act like a straw and suck out air from the heater, circulation pump and its related plumbing so they can quickly fill with water and prime easier.

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This coupling is most often found on the discharge side of the Laing 303 and Calvert (Cal-200) circulating pumps. The 3/4" x 3/4" x 1/4" bleed line fitting has a 1/4" nipple (30598) for the 1/4" vinyl tubing that's coming from the front of the jet pump to secure to. The purpose of the 1/4" tube is to draw air out of the circ pump and heater so they can quickly fill with water and prime. This is achieved by immediately activating the jet pump once the spa is powered up after the refill. The 1/4" line also helps the equipment drain out better when the spa is drained.

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