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Heater Element, Hot Spring, 115v 1.5kW, Pre-1995

Item #: 31255

Heater Element, Hot Spring, 115v 1.5kW, Pre-1995


What's included: Heater element w/ power cord.

NOTE: You must order the O-Ring (31212) and Gasket (70108)

This 1500 watt heater element is the replacement for all 1980-1994 Hot Spring spa models that operated on 115volts. This heater element, located inside of a stainless steel cylinder style housing, is an immersion type heater. If your spa is older than 1989, you will need the cord adapter (30070). A single 1.5 kw heater element is used in 115 volt spas. The same end of the heater element where the power cord is located also has a place (dry well) where to insert the copper probe from the heater hi-limit (heater reset). 

Compatible Hot Spring models for this heater element
Models Serial # Range Years
All 115v models   1980-1994

This square flanged heater element is secured into the heater body using four nuts and bolts. The o-ring and gasket (included) are used to prevent water from leaking between the heater and heater body.

There is a thin copper wire that disappears into the end of your existing heater element. DON'T CUT THAT WIRE. It is part of the heater hi-limit (heater reset) probe and it can not be reattached. 

Technical Specs
: 115 Volt AC, 1.5 kW, 13 Amps

AKA-31225 SIU J98 TH 90646 110V 1500W
TH 34387 110v 1500w

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