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Surge Protector

Item #: 31458

Surge Protector


Surge protector used in '94-'96 Hot Spring, '92-'94 Tiger River on the GFCI and in all '93-'97 Hot Spot spa models. This is one of two types of surge protectors used in Hot Spring, Tiger River, & Hot Spot brands. The second style is the 35628 .
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The surge protector is designed to protect the electrical equipment in the control box from excessive voltage. Excessive voltage can be in many forms:
  • Lighting strikes.
  • Power surges from the electrical company.
  • Incorrect wiring of the power supply to the spa.

The surge protector prevents excessive voltage by monitoring the incoming voltage. When the voltage increases above 177 volts, the surge protector creates a short across the HOT and NEUTRAL of the 115 volt supply. When this occurs, the breaker supplying power to the spa will trip, effectively preventing the excess voltage to damage the spa components.

The surge protector is located across the HOT and NEUTRAL lines of the 115 volt circuit on the terminal block.

Note: The surge protector is a one-time use part. That is, if the voltage exceeds the surge protector specifications, the surge protector will trip, often with visible signs of overheating. It must then be replaced.


  1. Disconnect power to the spa.
  2. Access the equipment compartment.
  3. Remove the control box.
  4. Locate the surge protector.
  5. Remove the surge protector from the control box.
  6. To reinstall the surge protector, reverse steps 1 to 5.

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