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1/2" Barbed Fitting, Wavemaster (Tiger River/Limelight Only)

Item #: 33732


For Tiger River spas only
This 1/2" barbed adapter fitting (aka bleedline nipple or barbed nipple) is located on the front (suction side) of all Wavemaster jet pumps used on all Tiger River and Limelight spas. The 1/2" barbed fitting has a 1/2" vinyl tube connected to it that connects to the heater and Silentflo 5000 circ pump plumbing. When you first "power up" your spa, directly after a refill, you're meant to immediately turn on the jets. Once the jets are on, the tubing acts as a "straw" to suck out any air from the heating system. This enables the heater and Silentflo 5000 circ pump to quickly fill with water thus preventing an "air lock" (aka "dry fire"). Also provide a way to drain water out of the pump when draining your spa. Teflon tape should be used on the threads of this fitting for installation.

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