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Pump, Wavemaster 5000 Replacement

Item #: 33980-BYP

Pump, Wavemaster 5000 Replacement


This replaces the obsolete Wavemaster® 5000 one speed-1.5 SF pump found on the pre-1997 Hot Spring and Tiger River spa models. This pump can also be converted to 220 volts for the 3rd quarter 1995 through the end of 1996 Tiger River Manora (MH) and Tondi (PH) spa models. The jet pumps used on the MH and PH models were 220 volts.

Note: This pump does not include the pump shroud or the power cord. Your shroud and power cord from your existing pump (if equipped) can be installed on this new pump.

Note#2: The factory recommends to replace your Wavemaster 5000 with the Wavemaster 3000 (34677). The Wavmaster 3000 has a Service Factor of 1.0 which performs poorly when replacing a Wavemaster 5000 that has a Service Factory of 1.5. The jet pressure is greatly reduced and the Wavemaster 3000 cannot be converted to 220volts.

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