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Check Valve (Ozone) Freshwater II, 3/16"

Item #: 34658


OBSOLETE-Use part# 1044101

This 3/16" Freshwater II ozone check valve is to prevent water from back flowing into the FreshWater Ozonator if power to the spa is interrupted or the spa is placed on "Summer Mode". "Summer Mode" will shut down the Silentflo 5000 circulation pump 8 hours every day. This in turn stops the intake of ozone into the spas plumbing. Since the ozonator is below the water line of the spa, water can start to "siphon out" into the ozonator if the check valve has failed. This 3/16" Freshwater II ozone check valve. Over time the ozonator check valve will begin to breakdown under the harsh conditions of ozone. The check valves have a special diaphragm (Viton) that enables them to last longer than rubber. Rubber diaphragms last about a month before the rubber becomes hard. The purpose of this check valve is to prevent water from draining out of your spa through the ozonator in the event that your spa looses power. A power loss will stop the Silentflo 5000 from operating and therefore stop the suction (Venturi effect) at the injector. Since the ozonator is installed below the surface of the water, the only thing stopping the back flow through the Freshwater III is this check valve. In addition to this check valve it is also recommended to loop the 1/4" ozone tubing high (just under the spas bar top) to help keep water from constant contact with the checkvalve.

Note: If your ozone bubbles have stopped bubbling up through the drain of your Hot Spring or Tiger River spa then the check valve may have failed. A failed check valve in the closed position will prevent ozone from being drawn in though the Freshwater II unit.

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