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Pump, Wavemaster 3000/5000

Item #: 34677

Pump, Wavemaster 3000/5000
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What's Included: Watkins Wavemaster® 3000/5000 Jet Pump with power cord.

Description: This Wavemaster® 3000/5000 jet pump is the current replacement for the 1993-2002 Hot Spot Round, Hot Spot RE and 1995-2000 Hot Spot2 and Hot Spot SE spa models. Also the replacement for the 1990-1996 Hot Spring Jetsetter and Prodigy and the 3rd-4th quarter 1996 Jetsetter. If you have a pre-1997 Tiger River Manora or Tondi spa model then use the 33980-BYP pump.

This pump ships with a standard four wire power cord (as shown) with flag terminals on the ends. If you have a pre-1998 Hot Spot, you may need the optional power cord with connector shown in the "Related Items" tab below or use the power cord from your old pump.

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Related Items

Compression Fitting O-ring, for 1-1/2" Union

1-1/2" compression coupling (pump union) o ring for some Wavemaster jet pumps and all Starite pumps.  This o-ring should typically be replaced when removing the jet pump for repair and reinstalling the jet pump.  No teflon tape is needed for the jet pump connections.

Price: $3.10
Drain Plug, Wavemaster

This drain plug is screwed into the female port on the front of Wavemaster 3000, Wavemaster 4000 and 6000 jet pumps when there is an absence of a bleedline. Click on the picture or the "More Info" button for details.

Price: $1.87
Jet Pump Ring Adapter 1-1/2" X 2"

This adapter converts the jet pump 1-1/2" inlet and outlet (suction & discharge) to 2". It has threads on the inside and outside and is used on various Hot Spring, Tiger River and Hot Spot spa models. This item is most often used on the Wavemaster 3000 & 5000 jet pumps. This adapter now includes the o-ring. Click here for a diagram of where this part may be found.

Price: $7.97
O-ring, Jet Pump Ring Adapter

O-ring for the Jet Pump Ring Adapter that fits between the adapter nut and the jet pumps' suction & discharge.

Price: $1.87
Power Cord, Wavemaster 3000

1993-1997 Hot Spot spas
40" replacement power cord (cord set) for the Wavemaster 3000 Jet Pump. This cordset has the correct Molex end connector to enable the Wavemaster 3000 Jet Pump to plug into the control box on all 1993-1997 Hot Spot models.

Price: $41.94
Pump Duct Hose, Wavemaster

OBSOLETE-Use the 72344
Black flexible duct hose (looks like dryer vent hose) attaches to the rear of the jet pump shroud to exhaust heat from the pumps motor to outside of the equipment compartment.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Pump Shroud, Wavemaster

OBSOLETE-Use 71414
The shroud attaches to the bottom rear of the motor on the Wavemaster 3000, Wavemaster 5000 & Wavemaster 8000. Its function is to exhaust the heat from the motor through a vent duct (not included) to the outside of the equipment compartment. This feature insures longer life on the Wavemaster pump motors.

Price: Not available
Not Available