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Relay, DPDT DC Coil

Item #: 70298

Relay, DPDT DC Coil


This double pole/double throw DC coil relay was used on the 1991-1993 Hot Spring Classic, Sovereign, Prodigy, Jetsetter, Highlife and Grandee spa models. Used also on the 1992-1994 Tiger River Khyber spa model. This relay was mainly used as a jet pump relay. Used as a switching device for the jet pump circuit due to the high demand of current required to operate the jet pump.

The jet pump relay consists of a magnetic coil, spring and set(s) of contact points. Voltage to the jet pump relay coil is controlled by the jet switch or clean up button (if equipped). When activated, either jet switch allows voltage to transfer to the relay’s magnetic coil energizing it. Once energized, the coil creates an electromagnetic field. This field pulls the relays contact points together, allowing the transference of voltage to the jet pump. When the jet switch is deactivated, the transference of voltage to the relay coil is eliminated and the magnetic field collapses allowing the contact springs to force the points apart stopping the transference of voltage to the jet pump.

This relay is the replacement for these spa models
Hot Spring spa model
Models Serial # Range Years
Classic F-111001 to F-439999 1991-1993
Grandee G-111001 to G-439999 1991-1993
Highlife H-111001 to H-439999 1991-1993
Jetsetter J-111001 to J-439999 1991-1993
Prodigy H-111001 to H-439999 1991-1993
Sovereign I-111001 to I-439999 1991-1993
Tiger River spa model
Models Serial # Range Years
Khyber LH-320001 to LH-449999 1992-1994

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