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Vinyl Tubing, Thick Walled, 1/2" Dia. (ID) x 36"

Item #: 70316

Vinyl Tubing, Thick Walled, 1/2" Dia. (ID) x 36"


1/2" inside diameter (ID) by 36" long section of specially made thick walled, clear vinyl tubing. This thick walled tubing will stand up to the harsh chlorinated spa environment for years to come. This is the size of tubing that connects the circulation pump to the heater in all 1982-1989 Hot Spring spa models.
3/4" Vinyl Tubing
1/2" Vinyl Tubing
3/8" Vinyl Tubing
1/4" Vinyl Tubing

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For Tiger River and Limelight spas only
This 1/2" barbed adapter fitting is located on the front of  Wavemaster Jet Pumps on Tiger River and Limelight spas. Click on the "More Info" button for details.  Teflon tape should be used on the threads of this fitting for installation.

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Adapter, Barbed, 1/2" Barbed X 3/4" Slip

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Reducing Elbow, Barbed,  3/4" X 1/2"

This pvc elbow has a 3/4" barbed fitting glued on one end and a 1/2" barbed fitting glued into the other end. It is most often used to reduce down from 3/4" vinyl tubing off a new E5 circ pump to 1/2" vinyl tubing that connects to a pre-1989 Hot Spring heater housing .

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Spring Clamp, 1/2" (.645-.828)

1/2" spring clamp for securing 1/2" vinyl tubing to components.

Note: Wear eye protection when squeezing these little rascals. Service techs typically use either needle nose pliers are hose clamp pliers to squeeze then slide this spring clamp onto the vinyl tubing.

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