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Heater, Tiger River, 1992-94 Models

Item #: 70377

Heater, Tiger River, 1992-94 Models


What's Included: Heater w/ Compression Fittings at Both Ends- For all 1992-1994 Tiger River Models, wing nut, lock washer & bulb clamp and two o-rings.

Description: This heater is a flow through type heater. It was used on the 1992-1994 Tiger River Khyber, Manora and Tondi spa models.

Compatible Tiger River models for this heater
Models Serial # Range Years
Khyber LH-320001 to LH-449999 1992-1994
Manora M-320001 to M-449999 1992-1994
Tondi N-320001 to N-449999 1992-1994

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Discharge, Heater -Tiger River

This adapter is located between the heater and jet pump on a 1992-1994 Tiger River Khyber, Manora and Tondi spa and connects onto the small circulation pump (usually the Silentflo 5000) via a 1/2" vinyl tube.

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Tail Piece, Heater Inlet, '92-94' Tiger River

Obsolete: Use 1642001-1

This heater tail piece glues to 2" PVC pipe or a 2" male PVC fitting using PVC primer and cement.  The threaded side of the fitting will connect to any 2" standard heater union to connect a flow through type heater.  This specific tail piece was used on Tiger River spas from 1992-1994.

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