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Suction Flange, 2", Wavemaster 7000 (v.1)

Item #: 70410

Suction Flange, 2", Wavemaster 7000 (v.1)


The suction flange bolts onto the suction cover (front) of the Wavemaster 7000 (v.1) jet pump.

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Compression Fitting, 2" with O-Ring

This 2" compression fitting, which includes the o ring, is sometimes referred to as a pump union or compression coupling. It is found on the suction side of most Wavemaster® Jet Pumps. Other compression fittings are the # 71038) and # 71037.

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Flexible PVC, 2in X 3ft (I.D.)

Flexible pvc is a ribbed looking white or beige type of pvc. This size is usually found coming off of the jet pump or water diverter valves (Smart Jet). It comes in three foot sections and is glued using pvc primer and pvc cement found at your local hardware store. The diameter is measure from the inside (I.D.) of the piping.

Note: This is sometimes available at Orchard Hardware Stores as well as Lowe's and Home Depot. 

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