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PCB, PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board

Item #: 70821

PCB, PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board


This PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board is the factory replacement for all 1994-1996 Hot Spring Classic, Grandee, Highlife, Jetsetter, Landmark, Prodigy, Sovereign and Summit models. Replacement for 1995-1996 Tiger River Khyber, Manora and Tondi models. Replacement for the 1995-1997 Hot Spot Z model (round) and the Hot Spot2 Y model (rectangle)

The PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board performs the following functions:
●  A diagnostic feature on the Power On LED, which indicates at a glance if a problem exists with the spa. A blinking Power On LED (if high limit is tripped or bypassed, the door switch is open or a problem with the wires or connections) indicates a problem within the spa while an unlit Power On LED means a problem with the source voltage or the PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board.

●  Provides an anti tamper feature on the switches that prevents the switches from actuating more than once per second.

●  A time out function designed to protect the jet pump. In the event that the jet pump is accidentally left on, the PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board will automatically turn the jet pump off after two hours to prevent the tub from overheating.

 ●  A self-testing function of the PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board. The PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board will perform self-diagnostic tests during the first few seconds power is applied. This is indicated by the Clean Up Cycle LED being briefly illuminated.

 The PWA: Interlock Board also supplies voltage to the following control box components:
●  5 volts DC for the jet and light switches
●  1.5 volts DC for the diagnostic LED’s
●  5 and 12 volts DC to the spa high limit circuit board
●  5 and 12 volts DC to the control thermostat circuit board
●  12 volts DC to the component relay coils

Removal Instructions
1. Disconnect power to the spa.
2. Access the equipment compartment.
3. Remove the control box.
4. Locate the PWA: board.
5. Remove the six standoff screws located on the outside of the control box.
6. Remove the PWA: board.
7. Disconnect each of the six wire harnesses.
Tip: For ease of replacement, remove only one wire harness at a time and place it in the proper location on the new PWA. board prior to removing any subsequent wire harnesses.

PWA: Installation Instructions
1. Remove the plastic standoffs from the original PWA: board and place them on the new PWA board.
2. Reverse steps 1 to 7 from the PWA: Removal instructions.

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