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PCB, PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board

Item #: 70821

PCB, PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board


This PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board is the factory replacement for all 1994-1996 Hot Spring Classic, Grandee, Highlife, Jetsetter, Landmark, Prodigy, Sovereign and Summit models. Replacement for 1995-1996 Tiger River Khyber, Manora and Tondi models. Replacement for the 1995-1997 Hot Spot Z model (round) and the Hot Spot2 Y model (rectangle)

The PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board performs the following functions:
â—  A diagnostic feature on the Power On LED, which indicates at a glance if a problem exists with the spa. A blinking Power On LED (if high limit is tripped or bypassed, the door switch is open or a problem with the wires or connections) indicates a problem within the spa while an unlit Power On LED means a problem with the source voltage or the PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board.

â—  Provides an anti tamper feature on the switches that prevents the switches from actuating more than once per second.

â—  A time out function designed to protect the jet pump. In the event that the jet pump is accidentally left on, the PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board will automatically turn the jet pump off after two hours to prevent the tub from overheating.

 â—  A self-testing function of the PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board. The PWA: Interlock Timer Circuit Board will perform self-diagnostic tests during the first few seconds power is applied. This is indicated by the Clean Up Cycle LED being briefly illuminated.

 The PWA: Interlock Board also supplies voltage to the following control box components:
â—  5 volts DC for the jet and light switches
â—  1.5 volts DC for the diagnostic LED’s
â—  5 and 12 volts DC to the spa high limit circuit board
â—  5 and 12 volts DC to the control thermostat circuit board
â—  12 volts DC to the component relay coils

Removal Instructions
1. Disconnect power to the spa.
2. Access the equipment compartment.
3. Remove the control box.
4. Locate the PWA: board.
5. Remove the six standoff screws located on the outside of the control box.
6. Remove the PWA: board.
7. Disconnect each of the six wire harnesses.
Tip: For ease of replacement, remove only one wire harness at a time and place it in the proper location on the new PWA. board prior to removing any subsequent wire harnesses.

PWA: Installation Instructions
1. Remove the plastic standoffs from the original PWA: board and place them on the new PWA board.
2. Reverse steps 1 to 7 from the PWA: Removal instructions.

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