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Impeller, SilentFlo 5000 (40mm)

Item #: 70831


This is the replacement impeller for the original Silentflo 5000 pump that came on the 1995-1997 Hot Spring Classic, Sovereign, Prodigy and Jetsetter. Also on the 1994-1997 Tiger River Manora/Bengal, Tondi/Sumatran, 1994 Khyber and 1997 Siberian. These impellers spin via a magnetic field created by the motor and are perfectly machined to spin balanced and true. If they have been subjected to harsh water chemistry, low pH, tablet sanitizers etc, they can erode enough to become unbalanced. The indicator of an out of balanced impeller is a rattling noise from the pump which often results in reduced water flow through the heater, tripping the heater's high limit.

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