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GFCI, 20Amp./Hot Spring, Tiger River & Solana (Generic)

Item #: 70996-Generic

GFCI, 20Amp./Hot Spring, Tiger River & Solana (Generic)
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This is a generic/aftermarket version of the 70996 replacement for all previous styles of GFI's for all 115 volt, 120 volt & 125 volt 20 amp Hot Spring, all 1995 forward Tiger River, most 2000 forward Solana Spas and most 2001 forward Hot Spot Spas. This GFCI is designed to be used with the water-resistant GFCI Cover/Receptacle to protect it from the elements. Modifications to the GFCI Cover/Receptacle may be required to use this aftermarket version of the GFCI. Please note the generic version carries a 90 day warranty whereas the OEM version carries a 1 year warranty. 

This aftermarket version of the GFCI and the Factory OEM version of the GFCI are basically identical, with the exception of the orientation of the prongs of the actual plug.  On the Factory OEM version, the grounding pin is at the top, and on this aftermarket version, the grounding pin is located at the bottom.  This may require the receptacle that this GFCI plugs into to be flipped so that the GFCI will fit in the GFCI cover.  There are two screws that hold the receptacle to the cover housing.

GFCI Cover/Receptacle Modification Instructions:

First, turn the power off to the receptacle.  Then remove the screws that hold the GFCI cover housing to the junction box.  Next, remove the two screws that hold the receptacle to the GFCI cover housing, then flip the receptacle 180 degrees, and reinstall the screws.  Make sure all the wires are still attached firmly where they were, and then remount the GFCI cover to the junction box.  Then turn the power back on and plug in the GFCI as normal.

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New GFCI replaces this previous version

old reference: 70922

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