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Timer Board, 10 Min., Hot Spring, 1991-1993

Item #: 71346


This factory replacement jet pump timer board is for the 1991-1993 Hot Spring Classic, Grandee, Sovereign, Jetsetter and Prodigy spa models. If your "clean button" doesn't work, then this circuit board may have failed. Pressing the clean-up button on the control panel activates the clean switch to start the 10 minute clean up cycle.

The actuation of the momentary jet switch activates this jet pump timer board. Once activated, this jet pump timer board allows the flow of voltage to the jet pump relay coil. Each time the switch is actuated, the jet pump timer board latches alternately in the open or the closed position. After 10 minutes of operation the jet pump timer board automatically disengages therefore shutting off the jet pump.

Jet pump 10 Minute Circuit Board is for the models listed below
Compatible Hot Spring models for this part
Model Serial # Range Years
Classic F-111001-F-439999 1991-1993
Grandee G-111001-G-439999 1991-1993
Highlife K-111001-K-439999 1991-1993
Jetsetter J-111001-J-439999 1991-1993
Prodigy H-111001-H-439999 1991-1993
Sovereign I-111001-I-439999 1991-1993

Removal Instructions:
  • Disconnect power to the spa.
  • Access the equipment compartment.
  • Remove the control box.
  • Locate the jet timer circuit board in the control box.
  • Remove the four-position harness from the jet timer.
  • Remove the six-position harness from the jet timer.
  • Remove the jet timer from the standoffs.

  • Old ref: 32349-A, 32349-B

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