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IQ 2000 Control Box, Hot Spring & Tiger River, 1997

Item #: 71382


OBSOLETE-Use the upgraded IQ2020 Control Box ( 77271 ) and Control Head ( 73225 )------>Watch Video

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Bracket, Control Box Upgrade, 1996 Landmark

This bracket is needed when replacing the entire Vista Series Control Box with the 71382 IQ 2000 Control Box. Use this bracket only if your 1996 Hot Spring Landmark's spa serial number is between S-361001 to S-361276.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Cable Retrofit Kit

The cable retrofit kit is used on the third through fourth quarter 1996 Hot Spring Landmark & Summit spas when upgrading from the original discontinued control box with the newer 1997 IQ2000 control box . The upgraded 71382 control box needs this cable which provides a port for the flow switch to plug in to. This cable is only necessary if the flow switch is still being utilized with the original No Fault 5500 cartridge style heater.

Price: $44.56
Power Receptacle, Freshwater Ozone & SpAudio II

This ozone receptacle was introduced in 1995 on the Hot Spring and Tiger River control boxes. They were eliminated in the beginning of 1997, only to be added back on early second quarter of 1997. This receptacle is no longer needed with the new style of "Direct Connect" Freshwater III Ozone Units today. This receptacle is also used as a power supply to the SpAudio II sound system. See this illustration of the IQ 2000 Control Box

Price: $24.28
Relay, IQ 2000 Control Box

This 30amp 18volt DC coil relay is used in the 1997 and 1998-2000 Hot Spring & Tiger River IQ 2000 Control Box. There are two of these relays located in the upper left corner of the IQ 2000 control box. One is the heater relay and one is the heater interlock relay, both the same part number. These relays age at the same rate so always replace them in pairs.

Price: $40.79