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IQ 2000 Control Box, Hot Spring & Tiger River, 1998-2000

Item #: 71485


OBSOLETE-Use the upgrade IQ2020 Control Box ( 77271 ) and Control Head ( 73225 ) for Hot Spring or 76836 and 76845 for Tiger River------>Watch Video

Factory replacement IQ 2000 control box (main circuit board enclosed in a protective casing) for the 1998-2000 Hot Spring Grandee, Landmark, Classic, Sovereign, Prodigy and Jetsetter spa models. It's also the factory replacement for the 1998-2000 Tiger River Siberian, Bengal and Sumatran spa models.  This control box has been discontinued since 1-2014.

Old reference: SIEBE Model #100-01212-01, Watkins PN 37307, 71482

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Relay, IQ 2000 Control Box

This 30amp 18volt DC coil relay is used in the 1997 and 1998-2000 Hot Spring & Tiger River IQ 2000 Control Box. There are two of these relays located in the upper left corner of the IQ 2000 control box. One is the heater relay and one is the heater interlock relay, both the same part number. These relays age at the same rate so always replace them in pairs.

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