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Smart Jet Water Diverter Valve Kit, Hot Spring/Tiger River, 4-Position, '98-'07

Item #: 71495

Smart Jet Water Diverter Valve Kit, Hot Spring/Tiger River, 4-Position, '98-'07


This Smart Jet 4-position (3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock)Water Diverter Valve is located under the Smart Jet lever/dial on the top lip of the spa. Its purpose is to divert water to different jet combination's when you rotate the lever. Replacement is necessary only if the valve lever becomes too difficult to turn, the handle breaks off the top of this valve or it begins leaking. This is the correct valve kit for Hot Spring 1998-1999 Classic, 1998-2007 Sovereign (not Sovereign II models) and the 1998-2002 Prodigy model. This valve kit is also the replacement for Tiger River 1998-1999 Siberian and 1998-2007 Bengal models. Use the "Check Serial Number Compatibility" tool below to confirm that this is the correct part for your spa.

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Note: If your existing valve was noisy (IE; vibrated loudly when the jets were on) then you can replace this valve with the quieter 73769 . Also, the 73769 is used in some Hot Spring where a newly installed replacement Moto-Massage jet still won't travel up and down.

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