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FreshWater III Corona Discharge Ozonator (Solana & Hot Spot)

Item #: 72606

FreshWater III Corona Discharge Ozonator (Solana & Hot Spot)


What's included: Newly designed and more compact Freshwater 3 High Output Ozone System w/ Direct Connect Power Cord, Injector, Ozone Resistant Tubing & Check Valve made for all 2006-forward Hot Spot & Solana spa models.

Description: New!Newly designed FreshWater® III CD Ozonator effortlessly replaces the older FreshWater II High Output ozonator taking up half the space while packing twice the punch. Never had an ozonator you say? This will be the last ozonator you'll ever need. Our Freshwater® III CD Ozonator produces ozone differently than the typical ultraviolet style ozonators found today. Our corona discharge method of ozone generation will crank out a higher concentration (PPM) of ozone and that concentration level won't decrease over the years like the ultraviolet style ozonators. Easy to install, the new Freshwater III CD Ozonator's bubbles will give your spa water that "rain fresh" fragrance. Installs in all 2006-forward Hot Spot & Solana spa models.  Installation time is about 45 minutes. Power Consumption: 8 watts, .21AMP.

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