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Control Head, Hot Spring, 2001-2009.5

Item #: 73225


Replacement for all 2001-2009.5 Hot Spring spa models, this control head is located behind the front side control panel bezel. It is connected to the IQ 2020 Control Box with what looks like a computer ribbon. When a button is pressed on the front side control panel bezel, that button is actually pressing on tabs located in specific areas of this control head. Those tabs in turn press on pressure points on the small circuit board inside the control head to activate a specific function. The control head is also where the thermostat circuitry is located as well as the LED readout of temperature and various icons.

Please note: If your spa is a 2001-2003 Hot Spring, there is a small chance that the new control heads JET button will not function, indicating that your IQ 2020 Control Box has a compatibility issue and would need replacing. Please call our technicians with any questions. 

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