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Body, Waterfall, Cool Gray, Tiger River

Item #: 73317


This is the waterfall body for the Amur and Vidro water features used in Tiger River and Limelight spas.

Replacing this fountain is not an easy job.  It should be done as a last resort.  Usually, if the fountain is fractured or cracked and leaking, it can be repaired without replacing the entire fountain much more easily.  Replacement of the fountain should be done by a certified Watkins service professional.

It has the molded "Lightpipe" that the existing LED Quad Harness lights are inserted into.  Each "compression fitting" accepts one of the LED lights from the existing Quad Harness.  If the LED lights have failed, then a replacement Quad Harness would need to be ordered and installed. 

Replacement bezel: Item # 73315

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