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Pressure Switch, Hot Spot Sprint & Dash

Item #: 74935


This pressure switch is a safety device that screws into the heater and connects to the control box main circuit board. The main circuitboard (motherboard) will shut down the heater if a "low water flow" condition occurs as monitored by this pressure switch. It is used on the 2010 forward Hot Spot Dash and Sprint spa models and the 76091 control box.


1. Disconnect power to the spa.
2. Remove the front access panel.
3. Drain the spa.
4. Open the drain valve to bleed the water out of the plumbing.
5. Open the control box lid.
6. Disconnect the pressure switch connection wires from the pressure switch.
7. Unscrew the pressure switch from the heater and remove any residual Teflon tape from the
threads of the heater body where the pressure switch was connected.

Reverse the removal procedure to install the pressure switch in the control box.

Wrap one piece of Teflon tape (in the opposite direction of the threads) three times
around the pressure switch threads before installation. When screwing the new pressure switch
into the heater, DO NOT use pliers, grasp the body of the pressure switch and hand tighten only.
After you are finished with the installation, switch the jet pump to high speed and check the
pressure switch for leaks.

Check Serial Number Compatibility