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Thermostat, Control, Hot Spring, '94 Retrofit

Item #: 75087

Thermostat, Control, Hot Spring, '94 Retrofit


This Electronic Control Thermostat (thermistor included) replaces the mechanical thermostats in the 1994 Hot Spring Classic, Grandee, Highlife, Jetsetter, Prodigy and Sovereign spa models. This retrofit remedy was introduced to solve the mechanical thermostats high failure rate in this model year Hot Spring. Due to the backflow of electricity from the relays, the mechanical thermostat's contacts would quickly fuse together causing it to fail sometimes within a week of replacement. This upgrade cures that problem.

This thermostat was used on the following models listed below
Model Year Serial # Range
Classic 1994 F 141001 to F 449999
Grandee 1994 G 141001 to G 449999
Prodigy 1994 H 141001 to H 449999
Sovereign 1994 I 141001 to I 449999
Jetsetter 1994 J 141001 to J 449999
Highlife 1994 K 141001 to K 449999

Notes: The numbers on the control panel temperature dial do not correspond to any specific temperature. They are a convenient way to mark where a person likes the thermostat set.

Technical Specs:

Copper Lead Length: N/A
Bulb Width: 5/16"
Operating Voltage: 12 Volts DC

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