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IQ 2020 Navigator RF Remote

Item #: 76301


This floating remote controls the spa functions on all 2004-2010 Hot Spring, Tiger River and Limelight spa models  See below what you can do with this remote from up to 100' away or while soaking in your tub.

Here is what it can do from inside the house (up to 100' away) or inside the spa:

â— Raise or lower the temperature
â— Turn on the jet pump(s)
â— Dim the lights
â— Change the color of the light (if your spa is equipped with Luminescence)
â— Put the Luminescence light into a color changing loop where the light fades from color to color
â— Control the speed of color transitions for the Luminescence light
â— Lock in the temperature control (so the teenagers don't mess with your favorite setting)
â— Lock all the spa controls (handy if there are little ones playing around the spa)
â— Adjust the volume of the SpAudio Sound System (if your spa is equipped with it)
â— Adjust the equalizer to one of the five presets of the SpAudio Sound System (if your spa is equipped with it)
â— Turn on or off the "Summer Mode".

While you're resting in your favorite underwater recliner all spa functions are at your finger tips. It floats. It lights up at night when needed. It makes the neighbors dogs stop barking (not really).

Whether it's for Christmas, Fathers Day or just because you deserve it, this accessory is the perfect addition to the spa experience. Batteries are included of course and it comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Note: Installation time is about 10 minutes.

(ref. 73157)

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