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Wet End Kit, Wavemaster 8000/8200 (ver. 2) 2.0 hp Pump

Item #: 77712

Wet End Kit, Wavemaster 8000/8200 (ver. 2) 2.0 hp Pump
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What's Included: Volute, volute cover, volute o-ring, volute stainless steel screws, wear ring, impeller and the shaft seal.

Description:This is the entire "wet end" for the Wavemaster 8000 2.0 hp jet pump and Wavemaster 8200 2.0hp two speed jet pump.  This "wet end" will attach onto your existing motor.

This is the complete "wet end" of the jet pump. Your Wavemaster 8000 v.2, 2 HP jet pump and the Wavemaster 8200 are comprised of two main components: the electric motor and the "wet end". In some cases, this entire "wet end kit" is needed. Perfect remedy if your "wet end" has cracked due to a severe freeze.

Note #1: All "wet end kits" come pre-assembled from the factory. To install this kit you'll disassemble it then re-assemble it, one piece at a time, onto your existing pump motor. Typical assembly time is two hours for the non-service tech. Please Note: if your pump has Vendor number 3536 use this wet end kit.  If you pump has vendor number 4081 use part number 72995.

Note #2: After connecting the pump unions (compression fittings) the pump may not align with the holes that anchor the pump to the floor of the equipment compartment. You may need to re-anchor using no longer than 1" lag bolts. When pre-drilling for those bolts, do not pre-drill more than 1/4" into the floor of the equipment compartment or you may drill into plumbing lines.

Note: Measure the diagonal distance of the bolt holes on your pump. If the diagonal measurement is not 5 3/4" from the center to the center of each hole, please call us.