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Wavemaster® 9000 (ver. 3) parts

Parts for the 1999-now Watkins Wavemaster 9000 (ver. 3) Jet Pump

This two and a half horsepower single speed jet pump is found on the Hot Spring 2005-2006 Accolade, 2007-current Aria, 2000 Classic, 2004-current Vanguard and Vista. Also used on the Tiger River brand 2006-current Bengal HP and the 2004 Siberian spa models.

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Wavemaster® 9000, 2.5 HP/ 1-Speed pump used in the following spas:
MODEL YEAR Serial # Range
Accolade 2005-current AC-1G1001 to AC-4H9999
Aria 2007-current AR-1J1001 to current
Classic (F & FQ) 2000 F-b1001 to F4B9999
Grandee HP 2005-current GG-3G1001 to current
Vanguard 2004-current V-1F1001 to current
Vista 2004-current SS-1F1001 to current
MODEL YEAR Serial # Range
Bengal HP 2006-current MM-1G1001 to current
Siberian 2004 L-1F1001 to L-4F9999

Technical Specs:
10 amp/230 volt AC, 2.5 hp, 1 speed

Barbed Fitting w/ o-ring, Wavemaster & Starite

Hot Spring, Hot Spot & Solana spas only
This barbed nipple screws into the front (suction cover) and is used on all Wavemaster Jet Pumps as well as the Sta-Rite 1Hp & 2Hp jet pumps on everything but Tiger River spas which use a 33732 nipple. The function of this 32267 nipple is to provide a place for the 1/4" vinyl tube to connect onto the suction side of the jet pump which in turn helps drain the jet pumps water when you drain the spa. Also helps prevent and "Air lock" in the Hot Springs baby circulation pumps (Silentflo) plumbing.

Price: $3.28
Compression Fitting, 2" with O-Ring

This 2" compression fitting, which includes the o ring, is sometimes referred to as a pump union or compression coupling. It is found on the suction side of most Wavemaster® Jet Pumps. Other compression fittings are the # 71038) and # 71037.

Price: $15.06
Drain Fitting O-Ring, Wavemaster

OBSOLETE-Use drain fitting 32267 or 32267-1.
Used on the drain fitting on the front of various Wavemaster jet pumps.

Price: $0.90
Not Available
Exhaust Hose, Wavemaster

This exhaust hose connects onto the rear of the jet pumps shroud (if equipped) to discharge hot air from the jet pump motor. This method of cooling the jet pump insures a longer lifespan of the pumps motor.

Price: $12.57
Impeller, Wavemaster 9000/9200

This impeller is used on the Wavemaster 9000 (ver. 2), 9000 (ver. 3) and Wavemaster 9200 jet pumps. This impeller screws onto the pump motor's threaded shaft with regular right hand threads. 

**If your pump has vendor number of "3861" or is a PowerRite or Vico Jet pump, WE DO NOT HAVE REPLACEMENT PARTS. If your Jet pump is an LX jet pump (Vendor Code 3536) the complete wet end must be purchased. Please call our techs for further information and help in finding the correct parts. 

Please check vendor code on your pump before ordering replacement parts. For an example of where to find your vendor code, click here.

Price: $26.20
Pump Shroud, Wavemaster


For Magnetek or AO Smith Century Motors Only

Replacement manifold (pump shroud) for the Watkins Wavemaster 4000, 5000, 5000 (ver.2), 6000, 7000 (ver. 3), 8000 (ver. 3), 8200, 9000 (ver. 3) and 9200 jet pumps. This shroud attaches onto the rear of the Magnetek or AO Smith Century motor. Its purpose is to divert heated air from the motor through an exhaust hose to the exterior of the equipment compartment. Cool running jet pump motors last longer!

Price: Not available
Not Available
Rubber Foot, Wavemaster

Used on the base of the Wavemaster 8000 (ver. 3), 8200, 9000 (ver. 3) and 9200 jet pump to reduce the pumps noisy vibrations being transferred to the spa shell. Sold individually.

Price: $1.91
Volute Cover Screw, 8-32 X 5/8", Wavemaster


This stainless steel screw is used to attach the volute cover to the volute on most Wavemaster jet pumps.

Price: $1.64
Volute Cover, Wavemaster


The volute suction cover is the second half of the pumps volute. This factory replacement is for the Wavemaster 4000, 6000, 7000 (ver. 3), 8000 (ver. 3), 8200, 9000 (ver. 3), 9200 jet pumps. Click on the "More Info" button for details.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Volute O-Ring, Wavemaster


Replacement o ring (largest o-ring) for the Wavemaster 4000, 6000, 8000 (ver. 3), 8200, 9000 (ver. 3), 9200 jet pumps.

Price: $13.19
Volute, Wavemaster


This part connects onto the motor using four long hex bolts that insert through the rear of the pump motor and screw into this volute. Replacement volute for the Wavemaster 4000, 6000, 8000 (ver. 3), 8200, 9000 (ver. 3) and 9200 jet pumps. Clcik on the "More Info" button for details.

Price: Not available
Not Available
Wear Ring, Wavemaster


Wear Ring (slinger) for the Watkins Wavemaster 4000, 5000 (ver. 2), 6000, 7000 (ver. 3), 8000 (ver. 2), 8000 (ver. 3), 8200, 9000 (ver. 3) and 9200 jet pumps. Please note: This wear ring is for pumps that have a Vendor Number of "4081" printed on the pump motor. Click more info for details. 

Price: $2.57